The TECHNORAMA Kassel, providing a successful mixture of tradition and innovation for many years, has attracted international exhibitors as well as international visitors. The classical vintage car and spare part market has many friends. In addition to that three exhibition halls filled with motorbike club stands, informal round table meetings and specialists of all kinds offer an ideal means of know-how exchange thus supplying the unique chance to witness motorbike history. In Kassel the most famous names of the club scenery meet.



The new classic car season started in Kassel on March 15th and 16th, 2014. Parts are unpacked, wings polished and antique car rarities exhibited. At the TECHNORAMA exhibitors offered a broad range of classic car parts and other supplies. The search for spare parts, restoration material, specialized literature and much more, started at this traditional classic car market. If you were lucky, you could possibly find your "Dream car" here at the traditional sale of vintage cars and youngtimers. When the weather is nice, many owners of vintage cars use this date in March for a first excursion.

In 2014 one attraction will be the special theme of an oldtimer club "Opel in the 70ies" in Hall 4.



Anniversary - "50 Years NSU Ro 80 - The legend is alive!"

 rossnagel dsc 0449 hp


50 years ago the NSU Ro 80 was presented in 1967 on the IAA in Frankfurt as the first serial production of the word with a circular motor. The Ro 80 Club International e.V. would like to celebrate this anniversary with classic car lovers. On the Technorama Kassel showed the Ro 80 Club International e.V., represented from Ro 80 Stammtisch Nordhessen, 8 cars. Besides 7 cars in typical colours of this time there was also a "Scheunenfund". The Ro 80 Stammtisch Nordhessen was overwhelmed of the interest and feedback of the visitors.

2017 169 stand ro80 

The Ro 80 Club International e.V.  has around 700 members. Do you have any questions about a membership or this faszinating classic car? See here.


ro clubaufeinenblick


1967 was the Ro 80 "Car of the year".


ro scharing img 7927 hp


Technical details find here.

logoklein ro80



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30 years Technorama Kassel

Classic Cars for sale! You will find over 100 classic cars for sale.


Präsentation Mercedes-Benz W 124

nlw124 clublogoThe Mercedes-Benz W 124 Club Deutschland e.V. was founded 2004. The Club promots the maintenance of Mercedes-Benz cars, the model series W 124 and their variants. The model series W 124, known as the "letzte echte Mercedes" or "Urvater der E-Klasse", built from 1984 to 1995, as a cabrio until 1997. This year the first coupés will be 30 years old. The club showed some of these classic cars on the Technorama.

2017 stand w124

Moreover there were other Mercedes-Benz clubs.

2017 technkassel180 mbclub