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Hildesheim Historical Motorsport

At the airport the Hildesheim Technorama the largest classic car market of Lower Saxony, offers a very special kind of histrorical motorsports event. Unter the motto "In Times, where races were real races still", visitors can very closely witness the myth of legendary racing machines. At the TECHNORAMA CLASSIC drivers compete in fascinating comparative classic car races for vehicles and motorbikes in order to get the best results. Thrilling duels between automobiles, motorbikes and sidecars, manufactured before 1980, on the 2,7 km long round course, are guaranteed. More than 200 drivers present themselves in various sub-classes such as classic motorbikes, sidecars, historical and new-time cars.















Starting are motorsport enthusiasts in open classes showing their sportive abilities. At the Technorama Classic approximately 14.000 visitors admire the passionate drivers.

A good impression of the Historic Racing show the pictures of Thomas Graumann:




If you want to participate as a driver at the Technorama Classic, you can register with the form below and download the respective conditions.

Registration form for Historic Racing 2018 (pdf)


Terms of participation (pdf)


Sitemap Technorama Classic (pdf)


Time schedule  (pdf)


The results of the heats can be downloaded here after the event!



Class 1 Automobiles (pdf)


Class 2 Sidecars (pdf)


Class 3 Motorcycles up to 300 (pdf)


Class 4 Motorcycles up to 750 (pdf)


Class 5 Motorcycles starting at 750 (pdf)


Class 6 Automobiles "Fight der Wichtel" (pdf)


Class 7 Porsche (pdf)


Class 8 Prewar (pdf)


Class 9 Golden 50/125 (pdf)


Class 10 Formel (pdf)


Class 11 Automobiles Autohaus Sellmann (pdf)