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Fair Hildesheim

Its uniqueness in Europe thrills every visitor coming to the TECHNORAMA in Hildesheim every year. Historical motor sport, combined with a hughe vintage car and parts market, has proved absolutely effective. At the large market for vintage car parts, collectors and do-it-yourself car enthusiasts can look for the rare and highly desired parts. The fascinating classic car meeting displays those classic cars of which others still dream. At the TECHNORAMA CLASSIC, a 2.7 km racing circuit, cars, motorbikes and sidecars engage in a thrilling duel. In the pit lane experiences are exchanged and technology refined. 


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At the Technorama Classics there will be a DEUVET-Parade during lunchtime. The DeuVet is a german organisation caring for the classic cars, founded 1976. The DEUVET-Parade shows classic cars of the visitors driving on the race course. Who likes to take part has to go to DEUVET on the Technorama Hildesheim in hall 3, booth W4.

Since 20 years there is the "H-Kennzeichen" with free Entrance in the "Umweltzonen".

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In addition to that there is a presentation on the race course concerning "200 years bicycle". These bicycles are also shown in hall 2.

2017 1895opelfahrrad